Tony Marchesini


Tony Marchesini, H2O International SA’s MD and Franchisor, started the company over 22 years ago. Prior to starting the H2O International SA operation he worked for Italtile Ltd and developed the Ceramic Tile Market (CTM) retail concept and set up the franchise concept. He became the Executive Director of Italtile Pretoria in 1984. Tony completed his B.Bus.Sci (Hons) at the University of Cape Town and MBA (Cum Laude) degree in 1994 at the University of Pretoria.


United by Water: H2O International and BWT Partnership

We have exciting news to share! We’ve partnered with Europe’s #1 in water technology to bring BWT’s cutting-edge technology to South Africa! H2O International SA is our country’s number 1

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In 1997, The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry was celebrating the delivery of basic water supply from the RDP Programme to the one millionth person in South Africa.  There