The Auto Mate Air Purifier model SAA-728-03

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The Auto Mate Air Purifier model SAA-728-03

  • Vehicle air purifier and deodorizer.
  • Fragrance: lime and rose.
  • Removes cigarette smoke, dust, bacteria and exhaust fumes.
  • Dashboard mounted.
  • Perfect gift idea.

The Auto Mate Air Purifier is a specialised device designed to purify and deodorise the air within your very own vehicle. The Auto Mate air purifier which is easily mounted on the dashboard, is the perfect way to remove, not only the bacteria and dust that collects inside your car but most of all, cigarette smoke.

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Auto Mate Air Purifier Features:

  • 5 – 10sq. meters
  • 2 stage air purification – Light Ozone, Negative Ion generator
  • Optional negative ion output – 1.5 million/cubic cm
  • Fragrance gel
  • Set on dashboard – comes with optional Velcro strips
  • Utilizes 12 V car cigarette lighter adapter
  • Removes cigarette smoke, dust, odours and kills air-borne bacteria within your car

Great gift idea!

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