River 30 Free Standing Cold Water Fountain with Bubbler and Glass Filler Steel Grey



  • Free-standing
  • Cold water
  • Bubbler and glass filler
  • Steel/Grey
  • Ideal for public use
  • 2 Year warranty

Do you need clean, crisp water in a public area? This premier free-standing drinking-water fountain is ideal for gyms, schools, factories and other high-traffic, high-use areas.
The River 30 is easy to install and features a bubbler and a glass filler faucet.


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Note: This item is not kept in stock and is only available on special order, and is therefore subject to a delivery lead time of approximately 8-12 weeks from date of order. The advertised price is only a representation of the actual selling price and is subject to fluctuations in the current exchange rate at the time of ordering. Orders for this item are only confirmed with a 50% prepayment. Please contact your nearest H2O International SA consultant to confirm actual price and lead time for this item, and to confirm your order.


River 30 Free Standing Cold Water Fountain with Bubbler and Glass Filler Steel Grey


  • Water fountain – High capacity water dispenser for high traffic areas
  • Bottleless – Connects directly to water supply
  • Free-standing unit – Stands off the floor
  • Dispenses Cold water
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Ice bank direct chilling system – Produces chilled water faster
  • Robust steel/grey galvanized epoxy coated outer casing
  • Includes push-button bubbler and glass-filler faucets
  • Built in drip tray – Requires drainage point for waste water
  • Warranty period: 2 years



  • High chilling capacity – Specifically designed for high traffic areas
  • Robust design for high volume use – Gyms, schools, factories, canteens, public areas
  • Bottleless – Best convenience
  • Bottleless – Very hygienic
  • Bottleless – Best long-term economic value
  • Bottleless – Environmentally friendly – No transport of bottles
  • Free-standing – Frees up space on counter-top or table
  • Made in Italy – Excellent quality and performance



  • Compressor cooling
  • Ice bank direct chilling system
  • Adjustable thermostat for cold water: 8ºC – 12ºC
  • Cooling Capacity: 30 lt/hr at 10ºC
  • Ambient operation temperatures: 10ºC – 45ºC
  • Cabinet material: Steel/grey galvanized epoxy coated steel
  • Cooling power consumption: 180 W
  • Height: 96 cm (plus 27 cm for glass-filler)
  • Depth: 34 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Made in Italy