Forbes Nectar Filter Cartridge

Forbes Nectar Filter Cartridge

Space Nano with Positive Charge Technology™ (PCT) is at the heart of purification system. As leaders in
water technology and backed with years of research, innovation and technology development; we have
compressed two stages of purification into one. This has resulted in a unique technology which has complex
nono fibres, that attract and pull out harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses from your water just like a
magnet attracts and holds iron particles. It does not require any chemicals to purify water. So, that you an
your family always get 100% chemical-free safe drinking water.
PCT™ comes with “Natural Shut-off™” function that has inbuilt “Shut off” mechanism which activates once it
is nearing its useable life.
This means when the cartridge is approaching its end of useful life, it will shut off gradually and at one stage no
water will pass through it thus protecting your family from drinking any unsafe water.
This “Natural Shut-off™” mechanism is unique and genuine as it is especially designed to shut off water flow
gradually by itself without depending on any other external shut off mechanisms.

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Material of Construction : Food grade, Non-Toxic engineering plastics

Purification Capacity : 750 litres

Shelf life of packed Cartridge : Five years

Performance Standard : Delivers microbiologically safe drinking water without
using any chemicals. Conforms to Indian Standard
IS: 10500, 1991 drinking water specification.

Forbes Nectar Filter Cartridge

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