Ecosoft Cartridge Pack for 3 Stage System

Ecosoft Cartridge Pack for 3 Stage System

  • 1500 litres of purified water
  • Soft water without the odour of chlorine, harmful organic pollution and iron
  • Unique Ecomix technology
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By purchasing the replacement filters for Ecosoft 3-stage filter you get:

  • a guaranteed 1 500 litres of drinking water that tastes like a fresh mountain spring
  • high-quality purification of hard tap water

Thanks to the Ecosoft triple filter, the water will be fresh and clean, therefore:

  • meals will taste better
  • you’ll get natural aromas and tastes from teas and coffees
  • home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker etc.) will be protected from scale
  • you’ll have healthy water perfect for plants

Ecosoft Cartridge Pack for 3 Stage System

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