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H2O International SA has the longest proven track record for best products and service. In fact, we have over 450 products, 20 years experience and 72 franchisees to provide the best water treatment advice and installation you might need. We are the tried, tested and top-of-our-game favorites in South Africa and no-one is better placed to provide the correct solution for your needs.

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We are helping to improving the lives of ALL South Africans. We are a beautiful country with beautiful people. Via our products, our service, our teachings and our Wishing Well Foundation initiative, we are a company leading the way for better lives. Join us and feel your own life benefiting from our products and other communities benefiting from our social responsibility activities.

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H2O International SA turns 20!

H2O International, South Africa’s leader in water and air purification, celebrates twenty years of healthy living. Established in 1994, by entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Marchesini, H2O International has become a household name in water and air purification systems, improving the quality of life for South Africans.
Image of women in garden with face mask for allergy


Pollen Allergies – Air purification brings hope!

Spring is literally in the air – and for the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies, it means a runny nose, sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, eczema, asthma or other awful systematic responses that detract from the beauty of blossoming flowers and the birth of new life.
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Is South African tap water safe?

A recent article in Bloomberg.com titled- "South African Lawmaker Demands Water Plan to Save System" suggests that we are facing a water apocalypse. We may be and you have probably wondered if drinking tap water is still safe.
Spring is Here - H2O


Spring is Properly Here!

Spring is the perfect time for us to take stock of our overall well-being. And for many of us it means taking a good look at some of our (often questionable) health habits. Here are a few thoughts to bear in mind as you consider ridding yourself of a few unwanted Winter kilos and preparing your body for the fast-approaching festive season:
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